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Students from senior design course BEE 469/470 Biological and Ecological Engineering Design, have been testing their design prototypes for grid indepedent aquaculture pond aerators intended for developing countries.

"Franklin is famously rumored to have studied weather phenomenon by tying objects to kites, and Chad W. Higgins briefly considered this strategy to collect the data he wanted—data that could improve weather forecasts."

When Dietterich received an inquiry from Zemicheal, the OSU professor had already begun collaborating with colleague and fellow OSU engineer John Selker, co-founder of the TransAfrican Hydrometeorological Observatory. Selker’s goal is to install 20,000 weather stations across sub-Saharan Africa. Dietterich was looking for a graduate student to bring expertise — both technical and cultural — to that endeavor.

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Every year the Senior Class of Ecological Engineering designs a project that simulates the experience of being a hired as a contractor by a specific client or group of clients. This capstone project, titled Senior Design, combines the skill the students have learned during their time at Oregon State University into one project that they will present at the Engineering Expo on May 19th. This year our students hope to raise enough funds to make a working model of their designs and possibly implement them in the field environment.

This recruitment will be used to fill one full-time Administrative Program Assist position for the Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering (BEE).