Desiree Tullos

Desiree Tullos
233 Gilmore Hall
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Associate Professor

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Research Interests/Specializations: 
  • Ecohydraulics
  • River engineering and restoration
  • Systems analysis in water resources management
  • Hydrodynamic modeling

Current Research: 
  • Responses to river restoration and engineering, including dam removal, engineered log jams, and dam reoperation
  • Impacts of dam operations on flood risk reduction, water supply, hydropower generation, and environmental requirements
  • Analysis of uncertainty in water resources modeling
  • Effects of hydropower development in China
  • Water quantity and quality dynamics of agricultural and restored riparian wetlands
  • Mechanics of flow around dense vegetation
  • Sediment management in reservoirs
  • Reservoir operations under climate change
  • Sediment dynamics of dam removal
  • Fluid and fish behavior around engineered log jams

Recent Publications