Dominique Bachelet

Dominique Bachelet
Conservation Biology Institute
136 SW Washington Ave., Suite 202
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  • Climate Change Impacts
  • Dynamic Fire Modeling
  • Simulation modeling
  • Ecosystems Research
Current Research: 
Dates Name Agency Funds PI
2016-2019 Tools to bridge the gap between static CMS maps, models, and stakeholders. NASA $152,305 R. Kennedy (OSU)
D. Bachelet
2015-2020 Climate-smart seedlot selection tool. USFS PNW $93K D. Bachelet
2015-2017 Collaborative Visualization of Projected Climatic Conditions and Related Risks for the Northwest US. USFS HUB $35K D. Bachelet
2015 Sagebrush Managers and Climate Change Tools GB-LCC $30K D. Bachelet
2014-2019 Packaging Usable Climate Change Information for Sagebrush Country BLM $105K D. Bachelet
2014-2019 Development of Modeling Tools for Future USGS Biologic Carbon Sequestration Assessment – a Collaborative Proposal USGS $340,816

Z. Zhu (USGS)
D. Bachelet


  • Ph. D., 1983, Colorado State University (J. Detling, W. Hunt)
  • Quantitative Ecologist, 1988-1994 U.S. EPA Env. Lab., Corvallis, OR
  • Assistant Professor, 1988-1999, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
  • Associate Professor, 1999-Present, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
  • Director of Climate Change Science, 2007-2008, The Nature Conservancy
  • Senior Climate Change Scientist, Conservation Biology Institute, 2009-Present