Marshall English

Marshall English
Snell, Room 318
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Professor Emeritus

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  • Formulation of an analytical framework for optimal irrigation management and deficit irrigation
  • Prototype development of a web-based decision support systems for economically optimum irrigation management
  • Phytoremediation by land applications of wastewater in spatially variable agricultural fields
  • Training in advanced irrigation management for senior professionals

Recent Publications

  • English, M.J. 2003. “Optimum Irrigation Management; an opportunity and a challenge.”  United Nations Second Regional Conference on Water Demand Management and Pollution Control, Sharm Al-Sheikh, Egypt, 14-17 December, 2003.
  • English, M. J. 2002. “Irrigation Advisory Services for Optimum Use of Limited Water.”  18th ICID Congress; Montreal, Canada; July 21-28, 2002.
  • English, M. J. 2002. “An Irrigation Advisory Service for Optimum Use of Limited Water.” United Nations (FAO) Expert Consultancy on Irrigation Advisory Services for the Near East Region, Hammamet, Tunisia, May 13-16, 2002.
  • English, M.J., Solomon, K. H., and Hoffman, G.J. 2002. “A Paradigm Shift in Irrigation Management.” J. Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, ASCE. Vol. 28, No 5. (Invited paper for Jubilee Year Edition)
  • Licht, L., E. Aitchison, W. Schnabel, M. English and M. Kaempf. 2001. “Landfill Capping with Woodland Ecosystems.” Practice Periodical of Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste Management, V5, No. 4, October.