Below is a list of recent presentations made by OSU Biological & Ecological Engineering Faculty, Staff, and Students.  Click a presentation to view it.  Also, there is some very good information on the web for creating effective presentations - see Presenting Solutions and Ithaca for examples.

Thesis and Dissertation Presentations


William Hohenschuh

Ku-Huan Chien


Joseph Amann - An Analysis of Sediment Production from Forest Roads.  Dissertation Defense, 2004

Sasithorn Kongruang - Implication for Cellulose/Cellulase Saccharification.  Dissertation Defense, 2003

Kellie Vache - Model Assessment of the Effects of Landuse Change on Hydrologic Response.  Dissertation Defense, 2003.

Arthi Narayanan - Use of Elicitor Sets to Characterize Cellular Signal Transduction - Thesis Defense, 2003

Starr Silvis - Monitoring of Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions on the Walla Walla River  Thesis Defense, 2003.

Gene Hoilman - Development of a Mobile Process to Extract Phosphorus from Livestock Waster as a Valuable Fertilizer.  Thesis Defense, 2003

Jeff Feaga - A Ten Year Study of Nitrate Leaching in Vegetable Production with Winter Cover Crops.  Thesis Defense, 2003.

John Kehmeier - A Spatially Explicit Method for Determining the Effects of Watershed-scale Land Use on Stream Conditions.  Thesis Defense, 2000.



Student Presentations at Professional Meetings

Stephen Rooklidge - Slow Sand Filter Amendments for Clay Removal and Corrosion Control - ASCE-AWWA Meeting, Philadelphia, 2003