The Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering at Oregon State University seeks to fill three tenure/tenure-track Water Resources Faculty positions in the fields of (1) Sustainable Groundwater Management Engineer, (2) Integrated Water Quality Management Engineering and (3) Agricultural Water Management/Extension Irrigation Specialist. The Integrated Water Quality Management Engineer position has the potential to join OSU under the Miner Endowed Professorship as an Associate or Full Professor.

The focus of this cluster hire is to address critical water management issues in the state, region, nation and globe. These positions will address priorities of national and global relevance, improving natural resource management, agricultural competitiveness and resilience through interactions with the state and regions many stakeholders while maintaining key ecosystem services in our landscapes. The successful candidates will develop nationally-recognized research programs. Areas of focus include:

Sustainable Groundwater Management Engineer: Groundwater modeling; surface water interactions; fate and transport; socio-hydrology; decision making around groundwater management; response to systems under changing environmental and regulatory conditions.

Integrated Water Quality Management Engineer: Bio– and phyto-remediation; fertility/nutrient management; food-energy-water nexus; land management impacts on watersheds; design of biological treatment systems; fate and transport; engineered systems for water quality

Agricultural Water Management/Extension Irrigation Specialist: Irrigation system innovation, evaluation and assessment; sensor and sensor integration; basin-scale water management; food-energy-water nexus; agricultural resiliency and sustainability

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Posting P03582UF-Sustainable Groundwater Management Engineer

Posting P03583UF-Integrated Water Quality Management Engineer

Posting P03609UF -Agricultural Water Management/Extension Irrigation Specialist.

Positions close March 17 with a “for full consideration” deadline of March 03.