Below you will find current information on BEE policies related to COVID-19.  Please be aware that this information can and likely will be changing as the situation evolves.  It is extremely important that we all actively reduce exposure and transmission opportunities to minimize the serious impacts of COVID-19 on human health and well-being.  If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact and

General COVID-19 Information

OSU is open at this time, but all employees and students should work remotely as much as possible. Any OSU-related travel (e.g. travel to field sites, meetings) is not allowed without approval from BEE Department Head – see the guidance and approval documents.  In general, you should not be on campus unless you are taking an on campus course or have specific approval from your supervisor.    OSU encourages all to limit personal travel as well.

In all cases, it is critical to practice risk reduction practices – Social distancing (minimum of six feet, avoid gatherings, high-risk locations/behaviors), frequent use of hand sanitizer, self-quarantine if ill, work/study remotely, eat/sleep well, etc.

For updates and important, current information, please visit OSU's Covid-19 Safety & Success website.

Information for Students

Until further notice, most OSU  term courses will be held remotely.  This includes lab classes.  Classes meetings will be held via Zoom, OSU’s video conferencing provider.  All class meetings will be held at their scheduled times, but accessed via Zoom. To use  Zoom, you need an internet-connected computer/phone.  You will get “invites” to Zoom meetings before your class sessions.

  • If you have challenges with working remotely, e.g. no/poor internet, please contact john.bolte@oregonstate or your course instructor as soon as possible to identify options.  We are committed to minimizing potential disruptions for all our students, but will rely on you to identify problem areas for us.  If needed, BEE will be creating safe-distancing spaces within Gilmore Hall that will provide internet access. 
  • Ecampus instruction remains unchanged.

Please click on these links to find out more information about  OSU-Cascades campuses and  Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC).

For more information about residential halls and dining services: University Housing and Dining Services

For more information about on campus gym and recreational activities: Dixon Recreation Center

Research Labs/Groups

Last spring, we moved all research meetings to Zoom, Teams (preferred), or Slack. Lab staff should work remotely as much as possible. For the most part these rules still applly.  If on-site work is necessary, users are asked to self-monitor their temperatures on a daily basis prior to coming to campus. DO NOT come in if you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, specifically a fever, dry cough, or difficulty breathing. In these cases, please self-quarantine and notify the appropriate medical authorities and the lab PI.

No in-person meetings unless absolutely required. PI’s will organize a communications strategy that works for their groups.  John Bolte or your PI will send a Zoom link for all meetings.

Work from home whenever possible. Minimize travel. Note that all OSU-related travel is suspended, and the personal travel is discouraged.

For ongoing (and time-critical) experiments that must be completed, please minimize your time in the lab and follow the social distancing requirements (6’ spacing minimum). While doing so, please make sure to follow proper lab safety protocols. Use your safety training.

Do not start a new experiment before checking with your supervisor.

If you need to access your campus-housed computer remotely, use remote desktop.  It allows you to connect to your campus-based machine from a remote computer. See for more information or contact

Limit people accessing the lab to only essential researchers while following strict social distancing guidelines.


No outside (non-OSU) visitors for the foreseeable future.


All lab users need to use the provided hand sanitizer at entry stations each time they enter (and/or wash their hands with soap and water); those using lab equipment and computers must wear proper gloves (i.e., nitrile or other suitable material). Frequently used experimental equipment must be wiped down regularly. Everyone in the lab must maintain proper social distancing — no one within a minimum of 6 feet of each other and preferably further. PIs must arrange to have all door handles and other common touch points to be sanitized three times a day, during the regular work hours.

**Please notify the PI or the administrative team if any of these items are running low.**

Instrument Use:

We are only accepting instrument users capable of working without close supervision, and we ask that time spent in the lab is kept to an absolute minimum.


No lab equipment can be removed from the lab without written authorization signed by the PI.

All safety procedures and protocols (e.g., Environmental Health and Safety) that are normally in place must continue to be followed.

More Information

The latest information and guidelines for OSU faculty, staff, students and parents are available online at: