PURPOSE Formerly known as the Wade Rain Irrigation Scholarship, this award is to encourage and recognize strong academic achievement and potential of a student in the Biological & Ecological Engineering Department specializing in some aspect of irrigation technology.

DONOR R.M. Wade Foundation

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS The recipient must be registered in the Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering specializing in irrigation technology. The recipient must be enrolled as a full time student the term in which the award presentation is made, have junior or above status in year of award and completed 30 credit hours at OSU. Participation in School of Ag or Engineering club activities required.

SELECTION CRITERIA Academic achievement (3.00 for undergrad and 3.50 GPA minimum for graduate students), with demonstrated leadership ability. Can only be awarded to one student per year. The Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering Scholarship Committee will make the selection of the recipient.

PROCEDURES The first award was presented in 1982. Each year, the award is to be presented at the annual Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering Spring Awards Banquet. A student may apply for this award or be nominated by a fellow student or faculty member of the Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering. A nomination will include a resume of the nominee, a letter of support from the major advisor, a listing of grades earned at OSU and no more than two additional letters of support.

  • 2020 Casey Steadman
  • 2019 Jordan Laundry
  • 2018 Tom DeBell
  • 2017 Travis Grohman
  • 2016 Alex McCarthy & Robert Predosa
  • 2015 Jon Viducich
  • 2014 Leah Tai
  • 2013 Ryan Stewart
  • 2011 Chadi Sayde
  • 2010 Laureine El Khoury
  • 2009 Carole Abou-Rached
  • 2008 Laureine El Khoury
  • 2007 Carole Abou-Rached
  • 2006 Chadi Sayde
  • 2005 Sarah Herman Isbell & Brett Isbell (both Grads.)
  • 2003 Yutaka Hagimoto (Grad.)
  • 2001 Jeffrey Feaga & Kristina Warren (both Grads.)
  • 2000 David Rupp (Grad.)
  • 1999 Scott Waichler (Grad.)
  • 1998 Dana Butler (Grad.)
  • 1997 Dave Gochis (Grad.)
  • 1996 Jason Smesrud (Grad.)
  • 1995 Patrick M. Campagna (Grad.)
  • 1994-95 Russell N. Faux, Jr. (Grad.)
  • 1993-94 Robert W. Mittelstadt (Grad.)
  • 1992-93 Samuel Ortega-Farias (Grad.)
  • 1991-92 Ivan T. Gallardo (Grad.) & Dawn L. Smith (Grad.)
  • 1990-91 Darrell A. Dyke/Daniel S. Axness (Grad.) & Samuel Ortega-Farias (Grad.)
  • 1988-89 Mark F. Croghan (AE) & Chaur-Fong Chen (Grad.)
  • 1987-88 Vince R. Vermeul (AE)
  • 1986-87 Jeffrey L. Nuss (AE)
  • 1985-86 Jeffrey D. Smyth (AE)
  • 1984-85 William A. Perkins (AE)
  • 1983-84 Karen L. Oakes (AET)
  • 1982-83 Janet L. Redmond (AE) & Phil Ryan (AE Grad.)