John W. and Matha B. Wolfe Memorial Scholarship

PURPOSE This Fund was established to commemorate the life of John W. and Matha B. Wolfe. John William Wolfe and Matha Irene Boles married in 1942 in Ft. Ord, California. John and Matha had a very special love for one another that lasted and shone throughout their marriage of over 65 years. He served in the 32nd Infantry in the U.S. Army during WWII and upon discharge attained the rank of Captain. He received two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star for Gallantry in Action.Following his time in the military, he and Matha joined the group “Beyond War”, and worked with various other peacekeeping organizations. He worked on Cross Roads programs that assisted foreign exchange students with matriculation into U.S. customs and culture.As a professor of agricultural engineering, he had an outstanding career with Oregon State University and received the American Society of Agricultural Engineers Pacific Northwest Region, Agricultural Engineer of the Year Award in 1971. During his last three years working at OSU, he was on a fellowship in Egypt through USAID advising on an irrigation project on the Nile River.

ELIGIBILITY Recipients will be students who are majoring or whose major professor is in Biological & Ecological Engineering.

AWARD AMOUNT The interest earnings generated by the John W. and Matha B. Wolfe Biological Engineering Scholarship Endowment will provide scholarship awards. The selection committee will determine the amount of the awards and number awarded.

SELECTION The Biological & Ecological Engineering Scholarship Committee in the College of Agriculture will coordinate selection of recipients.

John W. and Matha B. Wolfe Memorial Scholarship Recipients

  • 2021 Tai Renee King​ & Dragomira Zheleva
  • 2020 Dawn URycki​ & Isabella Ruikis
  • 2019 Emmanuel Davila-Santiago, Candace Loftus & Dawn URycki
  • 2018 Kathleen Larson, Candace Loftus, Andrew Miller & Luguang Wang
  • 2017 Abigail Black, Mora Camplair, Jessica Chadwick, Katherine Clem, Thomas DeBell, Sean Kounovsky, Kathleen Larson, Jordan Laundry, Candace Loftus, Miranda Nelson, Bijoux Schoner, Sydney Stanton & Willow Walker
  • 2016 Keaton Lesnik, Jordan Cameron, Jessica Cugley, Bianca Dale, Rachel Kalnbach, Sean Kounovsky, Caitlin Pellerin & Rachel Stine
  • 2015 Irene Inesa, Michael Link, Mary Morgan McCarthy & Rachel Kalnbach
  • 2014 Deepak Kumar, Alexis Mills, Keaton Lesnik & Sonja Michelsen
  • 2013 Allison Marshall, Lisa Thompson & Jacob Tabor
  • 2012 Brian Dougherty, Wilhelm Geier, Chris Hendry, Jessica Keil, Larajean Lauzen, Kayla Rickford, Michael Sumner & Jay Ubben
  • 2011 Sarah Marshall, Christina Mateus & Hayden Ausland
  • 2010 Jeremy Chignell, Robert Hall, Markael Luterra & Kyle Sander
  • 2009 Jed Eberly & Yudith Nietopp.Wallace, Alice Schol Guidelines
  • 2008 Elizabeth Burrows, Wesley Miller, Cara Walter & Shoutao Xu