Myron G. Cropsey received a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California in 1933, a M.S. Degree in Agricultural Engineering from North Dakota State College in 1941, and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering from Michigan State University in 1956. He joined the Department of Agricultural Engineering faculty in 1946 and served in that capacity until his retirement in 1974. Prior to coming to OSU, he had industrial experience with Union Diesel Company, Oakland, CA, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. During WWII, Myron Cropsey served as Lieutenant, Captain, Major and Lt. Colonel in the Ordinance Department of the U.S. Army. In 1977, Myron Cropsey was awarded the Silver Beaver Award, scouting’shighest service award for his significant contribution to the Boy Scouts of America.


PURPOSE To recognize superior achievement of a graduate or undergraduate student advised or enrolled in the Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering.


NATURE OF AWARD The award shall consist of a cash award. The amount of the award will depend on the annual income from the Myron G. Cropsey Endowment Fund that resides with the OSU Foundation. The name of the recipient and the year of the award will be inscribed on a plaque displayed in the Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering.


DONOR Myron G. Cropsey Agricultural Engineering Endowment Fund


ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS The recipient must be enrolled in the Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering as their academic major or be advised in BEE. The recipient must be enrolled as a full time student the term in which the award presentation is made and have at least one academic year left at OSU; Sophomore class standing or higher.


SELECTION The Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering Scholarship Committee will make the selection of the recipient. Selection will be based on scholarship and extracurricular activities.


PROCEDURES The first award was presented in 1971. The award will be presented at the annual BEE Spring Awards Banquet. A student may apply for this award or be nominated by a fellow student or faculty member of the Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering.A nomination will include a resume of the nominee, a letter of support from the major advisor, a listing of grades earned at OSU and no more than two additional letters of support.


ANNOUNCEMENT AND PUBLICITY Announcement of the award and the name of annual recipient shall be facilitated through the Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering.

  • 2021  Erin Drumm
  • 2020  Logan Rower
  • 2019 Brooke Bennett
  • 2018 Jordan Laundry
  • 2017 Allen Dysart
  • 2016 Cheng Li & Hossein Tabatabaie
  • 2015 Jason Kelley & MacKenzie Pfeifer
  • 2014 Randi Mendes
  • 2013 Sonja Michelsen
  • 2012 Cheng Li & Mark Luterra
  • 2011 Rebecca Miller & Andrew Kearney
  • 2010 Ryan Stewart
  • 2009 Eric Andersen
  • 2008 David Dickson
  • 2007 Michael Collier
  • 2006 David Dickson
  • 2005 Elizabeth Burrows
  • 2003 Andrew Stoeckinger
  • 2002 Becky Starr Metcal
  • 2001 France Lamy & Ling Zhang (both Grads.)
  • 2000 Theresa Blume (Grad.)1999Mark Rockhold (Grad.)
  • 1998 Charla Triplett (Grad.)
  • 1997 Scott Waichler (Grad.)
  • 1996 Patricia Berger (Grad.)
  • 1995 Nilobon Podhipleux (Grad.)
  • 1994 Patrick M. Shelby (Grad.)
  • 1993 Abdellatif Boussaid (Grad.)
  • 1992 Douglas H. Ernst (Grad.)
  • 1991 Jefrey A. Rear (AE)
  • 1990 David E. Stangel (AE)
  • 1989 Michael F. Madigan (AE)
  • 1988 Daniel S. Axness (AE)
  • 1987 Ronald L. Fehringer (AE)
  • 1986 Eric V. Holtan (AET)
  • 1985 Brett M. Sherer (AE)
  • 1984 Eric V. Newell (AET)
  • 1983 Janet L. Redmond (AE)
  • 1982 Jonathan D. Schriever (AET)
  • 1981 Thomas Vander Plaat (AET)
  • 1980 Paula M. Arsenalut (AE)
  • 1979 Scott H. Robinson (AE)
  • 1978 Curtis W. Hermann (AE)
  • 1977 Glen A. Muilenburg (AET)
  • 1976 Jimmy W. Otta (AE)
  • 1975 Wayne C. Gould (AE)
  • 1974 Roger S. Hirako (AE) and Wesley Wallender (AET)
  • 1971 Roger Ruckers (AET)