Note that information is subject to modification based on policy changes that may not be immediately reflected on this page.  Please contact Khrystal Condon (Undergraduate advisory), Catherine Mullins (graduate students). Adam Ward, or Jen Cohen  for more definitive answers to your questions.

General Building Policies
  • Keep outside doors closed during evening and weekend hours
  • Remember to lock your office door and lab doors when you leave
  • Do not let unauthorized persons in the building
  • If an individual has business in the building, they should already have a key or can get one from the department
  • DO NOT prop open outside doors!
  • The student lounge on the first floor in Gilmore Hall is primarily for use by undergraduate Ecological Engineering students; however, the department has the right to reserve and use the room for other purposes.
  • There is a small kitchen upstairs with refrigerator and microwave in Gilmore Hall Room 211 for use by students.  Students are responsible for doing their part to keep this area clean.


What to do if/when something goes wrong within the building (ex. toilet continuously running, power outage, window broken/won’t lock, leaks, pest infestation)?

Notify Catherine Mullins, in 116 Gilmore Hall, immediately with as much detail as possible about the problem.  She will submit a work request to Facilities Services.

How do I reserve a room in the building for a meeting or other business purpose?

Departmental rooms (such as 116 Gilmore conference room and Gilmore Annex conference room) can be reserved via the Reservations page on our website.  To reserve the 234 Gilmore general purpose classroom, reach out to the Schedule Desk through their scheduling program.  You will need to email Catherine Mullins if you need a CRN number.

How do I get a key to (lab, student office, etc.)?

Graduate students should ask their major advisor to send an email to Catherine Mullins in 116 Gilmore to set up an online Key Request, letting her know which keys you'll need. Once submitted, you will receive an email from the Key Shop to pick up the keys. The Key Shop will need your photo ID and a deposit payment via cash or check.  Undergraduate students will need to reach out to their advisor and ask if they can have a key.  Their advising faculty will then need to reach out to Catherine for her to order.

What is the policy on access to the building after-hours?

Undergraduate students are not authorized to be in the building after regular business hours, unless attending an evening class. Graduate students have access to the building any time as long as they carry identification and an After-Hours Pass. You can obtain an After-Hours Pass from Jennifer Cohen in 116 Gilmore.

How do I get access to the Gilmore Annex shop?

The Gilmore Annex is locked 24/7 but is accessible with certain departmental keys and with advisor/instructor permission.  For safety reasons, no one is allowed to work in the shop alone. 

Can I switch my Grad student office or desk?

Please contact Catherine Mullins to inquire about the availability of graduate student office space. General things to keep in mind—keep your office clean, respect your office mate(s) and take ALL your possessions when you are finished with your program. Clean up your space when you move out. Cleaning supplies are available in the department office if you need them.

Lab Spaces

You will share your lab space with many people. Safety protocols should be given to you by your instructor. Your area also needs to be tidy to keep you and your colleagues safe. Cleaning supplies are to be provided by your major advisor (graduate students). Notify Catherine Mullins if you notice any janitorial or facilities issues, such as water leaking from pipes or trash not being taken out.

  • Need to know how to fill out a timesheet?
  • When's Payday?
  • FERPA training?

Answers to these questions and more can be found here: Student Employment FAQs

Where/what can I recycle?

Find out where the nearest recycle bins are and what type of recycling is accepted.

General Resources

Creating effective presentations - see Presenting Solutions and Elsevier for examples

Who do I contact for HR/payroll questions?

Contact the Office Manager, Jennifer Cohen, via email, by phone at 541-737-6292 or stop by 116 Gilmore Hall. 

Who do I contact for questions about courses or other academic issues?

For graduate students, contact your major advisor or Catherine Mullins. For undergraduate students, contact Khrytal Condon, BEE Head Advisor.