At the present time, BEE is only supporting in-house meetings in either the Annex conference room and none in the Gilmore 116 conference room. 

Registration Instructions

We have updated our reservation system and are now using Skedda.

To book a reservation, you must FIRST CREATE YOUR SKEDDA PROFILE using your ONID account.

After logging in, you should be able to make the reservation yourself.  If you need any assistance, please Contact Us.


Room Reservation Policies

The BEE conference rooms are available to students and faculty of BEE for committee meetings, presentations, etc. They are not available for study group sessions. Please use one of the many spaces on campus for group study and collaboration. There are many available study spaces in other buildings, such as the Library, LINC, KEC and Johnson Hall.

Please return the room to the original condition and furniture arrangement after you are finished.

Faculty bookings have priority over student bookings, so students may be required to find another location if a faculty member requires the room at the same time.


Reservation Preview

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