Available to only Engineering students
  • Peer tutoring: The College of Engineering now offers free peer tutoring for a wide variety of courses. Check the COE Student Success page for more information.
  • College of Engineering Academic Coaching: Meet with academic coaches to discuss and to explore the future direction of your educational goals while helping you improve your grades, manage your time, prepare for exams, etc.
  • Leadership Academy: An innovative student experience designed to accelerate students' development as leaders, increase graduates' competitiveness for employment, and propel their future success as early career professionals.
Available to all students
  • Collaborative Learning Center (CLC): Offering peer-tutors and GTA's to help with math, sciences and writing. Located on the main floor of the Valley Library.
  • Chemistry Tutoring (Mole Hole): General chemistry tutoring offered in the Valley Library Collaborative Learning Center, located on the main floor.
  • Math Tutoring (Math Learning Center): The Math Learning Center provides free drop-in tutoring, printed resources, calculators, help using MATLAB and other math software, study areas, and a computer classroom. Private tutoring for a fee is also available. Located in Kidder Hall 108.
  • Physics Tutoring (Worm Hole): General physics tutoring offered in Weniger Hall 145 (M-F) and the Valley Library Collaborative Learning Center (Su-Th).
  • Writing Center: The Writing Center’s mission is to provide writing support that enable students at all levels to function effectively, efficiently, and confidently in an academic environment. Writing assistants can help with all aspects of the writing process from brainstorming and organization to questions of grammar and usage.
  • Academic Success Center (ASC): The ASC provides academic support services for all students at Oregon State University, including academic coaching, tutoring, supplemental instruction (study groups) for individual courses, and more.