Timeline: Orientation to Graduation

Welcome!  We are glad that you chose Biological & Ecological Engineering for your MS, MEng, and/or PhD.

**Everything you need to know about preparing for your thesis/dissertation defense can be found here. **

MS and PhD seekers preparing a thesis or dissertation:  your committee will review your work based on certain quantifiable objectives.  As you prepare to start your journey, please review these measures, which can be found here:

While you will be working primarily with your academic advisor, you will also need to create an advising committee.  Your advisor will go over these details with you, but be advised of the following:

  1. Graduate School's website on preparing for your graduate committee.
  2. Courtesy/Affiliate Faculty
    • If you decide to work with specialist in your field of study who are not OSU instructors, please ask that person for their CV and then reach out to Sam Christopher.  She will help set up a courtesy or affiliate appointment for that person.  Without an appointment, you will not be able to add your non-OSU committee members to your exam scheduling form or exit documentation.

The Graduate School's website has wonderful resources which will help you along the way.

Some highlights include:

It's now time to self reflect on your progress.

Please make sure you have at least one meeting with your academic advisor before you complete this form, so we know how you are doing. 

Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher.  If you receive a C or below on any course, please reach out to your instructor to discuss this situation and create a constructive pathway plan to move forward.  Once you and your advisor have developed a plan, please inform administration of your pathway plan towards success, so we can assist you along the way when needed.

Is there anything you would like to discuss to make your academic experience here positive and productive?  Please reach out to Stephen Good, the department head.

Faculty also needs to provide details on student success, by filling out this progress report.

It is mandatory to let the department know that you will be defending.  This will also allow enough time to schedule a room as well as promote your defense.  The request form can be found here: Defense Information Request for BEE.  Please reach out at least two months in advance ~ a month is better!


If you intend on meeting in person, for now, please make sure you choose a room with Zoom capabilities, so that your defense can be seen by anyone who can't attend.

Gilmore Annex: https://bee.oregonstate.edu/bee/reservations

The library: https://library.oregonstate.edu/meet-study-here-0

Grad Student Commons: https://guides.library.oregonstate.edu/graduate-student-commons

CEOAS: https://ceoas.oregonstate.edu/ceoas-room-reservations

Campus-wide rooms: https://25live.collegenet.com/pro/oregonstate#!/home/dash

  • Go online and find a classroom that meets your specific needs for the date/time of your defense. 
  • Then reach out to Sam Christopher and inform her which room you would like to use, the date of your defense, and times.
    • As a precaution, you are encouraged to give her two alternative rooms for this event, in the event she cannot secure your first choice. 
  • She will then go ahead and reserve it.

Preparing Your Zoom Defense

Link on Current Graduate Student page under Essential Info for Grad Students.

Zoom Setup Virtual Meetings

Please make sure you bring this form with you for your Graduate Committee to use during their discussion of your defense.  This needs to be given to the front office, or to your major advisor to deliver to the front office, for the department's records.

Graduate Learning Outcome

Congratulations to all successful candidates! What happens next?

  1. One of the faculty members will need to provide the BEE office with a copy of the Graduate Learning Outcome form for our records.

  2. Make sure all of the documents needed for the Graduate School have been completed.  One of the most common documents forgotten is the ETD submission approval form.

  3. Please complete the

  • ;

  • If you have keys to an office or lab, you will need to clean up your area and return them to the department that advised you; and

  • We hope that you will join our alumni listserv.  We would like to keep in touch and hear about all your future success, both professionally and personally.