BS Ecological Engineering

Graduation Year: 2012

Current Occupation:

Environmental Scientist - TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering 

My role at TerraGraphics is presently site characterization for remediation efforts within Idaho's Silver Valley.  The Silver Valley is home to numerous mines and has been one of the worlds largest producers of lead and silver for decades.  Unfortunately, this has also resulted in extensive lead contamination throughout the valley and beyond.  TerraGraphics has been contracted by the Idaho DEX to test the soil and water in residential areas and draft action plans for properties that test high.  TerraGraphics was one of the many I applied to after graduation, but what drew me to them was the broad range of environmental projects they take on.

How did OSU prepare you for your job?:

I believe the BEE curriculum prepared me well for my current job.  The soil science classes I took have helped immensely with sampling methodology, and the numerous courses in pollution control and wastewater management have come in handy when identifying likely sources of water contamination.  Finally, i work a lot with aerial photos and GIS maps, all of which i was exposed to in the ArcGIS courses I took through the program.

Favorite Memory from OSU:

The three people that had the most profound impact on me were Dr. Desiree Tullos, Matt Cox and Cara Walter.  I worked with these people as a student intern on their river engineering team and learned many valuable skills.  I consider these individuals friends and mentors and i will always be grateful for the interest and enthusiasm they showed me.  Dr. Tullos was particularly important to me because it was her that sold me on the program in the first place and it was her that gave me the opportunity to work as part of her research team.  I can honestly say that the interest and trust Dr. Tullos showed me dramatically improved my college experience.

Advice to current students:

I would encourage all Eco Engineering students to get involved with the Ecological Engineering Student Society (EESS).  My classmates and I founded the society our first year in the program and since then I've seen it develop into a fantastic resource and support group for our student body.  For prospective students, all i can say is that this is a wonderful program run by wonderful people that will arm you with valuable knowledge for a changing world.