Degree: BS Ecological Engineering

Graduation Year: 2010

Current Occupation:

Masters of Environmental Sciences program at Yale in the College of Forestry and Environmental Science.  My area of study is industrial ecology.  I am working currently as  a research associate in Yale's Center for Industrial Ecology.  We are working on a project studying the Criticality of Metals using environmental and supply based metrics.

How did OSU prepare you for your job?:

I believe the engineering courses are incredibly valuable.  So much of the world and employment is associated with gentrification.  Systems perspective is also useful, but less appreciated by employers. A systems perspective allows you to temper the pressure to quantify with concerns that help to balance what you are doing.

Advice to current students:

It is great to get a theoretical education and to let your mind wander into the realm of big, complex issues. But, when it comes to getting a job, you need tangible skills. Don't neglect this. Computer skills are huge; data basing, CAD, Excel, GIS, some basic programming, web stuff, Adobe Suite, anything you can get your hands on...become proficient in and slap on your resume.  But, it all depends where you are headed.  GET RELEVANT EXPERIENCE!!! Don't let MECOP tell you that they don't have internships for you. Take advantage of this sort of experience.  It will get you a job.  You can be practical and idealistic at the same time, it just takes creativity and persistence. And don't let all the environment issues get you down. We have options and you are probably going to have to get creative to really leverage Ecological Engineering because people do not know what it is.