Course Description

Introduction to engineering at OSU and the emerging field of ecological engineering. Topics include engineering analysis and problem solving, professional ethics, the design process and teamwork.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students should be able to

  1. explain general skills and knowledge required in engineering and describe the scope of ecological engineering as well as how the field interacts with human activities;
  2. discuss the roles of analytical, left-brain activities and creative, right-brain activities in the process of problem solving and use the engineering method of problem solving to solve assigned problems;
  3. identify the elements necessary for the effective functioning of a team, explain the Importance of teamwork to engineering practice, and describe the experience of functioning successfully as part of a team;
  4. use Excel to analyze a variety of situations and solve problems relevant to Ecological Engineering;
  5. carry out a logical, structured writing process, with proper grammar, structure, and conventions appropriate to scientific and engineering documents;
  6. demonstrate knowledge and application of the engineering design process in a guided but open-ended design project;
  7. deliver an oral presentation, with correct content and technique, that reviews, analyzes, and critiques the team’s performance in the design project; and
  8. use appropriate techniques to carry out calculations for estimating solutions to various problems.