COVID-19 Updates Regarding Travel:

College of Agricultural Sciences’ Covid 19 Travel Exception Request

CAS Guidelines for Field-based Travel: COVID-19 Pandemic

OSU Vendor List with purchasing process


Before you go:

Travel and Reimbursements - Presentation on how to do them

Travel Reminders - Directions for planning and Reservations

Travel Pre-authorization form

Foreign Travel Authorization Form

Azumano (You can book your flight and shuttle through Azumano.)

Per diem rates for food and hotel

Out of Country travel:

If you are traveling out of the United States and/or for longer than 30 days, you must register your trip with the Office of Risk Management.

When you return:

Travel Reimbursement Request Form

For those very rare instances a student or faculty member is given permission to utilize their own vehicle, rather than motorpool, please use this Mileage Log

Prior to traveling by personal car, make sure you (a) ask for permission from your PI or Program Director, (b) write a statement explaining why personal transportation is more cost effective; and (c) provide back up documentation supporting this statement.
Rental Car and Motor Pool Information:

In-State Mileage

Motor Pool Reservation System

*Students are required to use Motor Vehicles for ground travel around Oregon to do work. Using a personal vehicle should be used only a last resort and requires pre-approval from advisor.

OSU has two options available for campus to direct bill car rentals:

  • The Enterprise Reservation Portal – Available through myOSU or OSU Travel webpage (NEW)
  • CIAzumano - Contracted Travel Management Company

When utilizing the Enterprise contract for one way vehicle rentals you will initially be charged a drop off fee which you MUST ask to be removed manually by the Enterprise Agent when you pick up your vehicle.

Enterprise reservation system: Under the "Employee" tab there is a link for Enterprise.

Personal Reimbursements

Receipt Reimbursement Form

You should always use a direct-pay location or a location that can be paid for with the department purchase card whenever possible. Reimbursements should be a last resort and kept under $100.