Class Location: 
Corvallis Campus

Course Description

Application of ecological engineering principles to the modeling, analysis and design of microbial processes in the environment. ENFORCED PREREQS: College +16, ((BEE 320 [C] AND BEE 221[C]) OR (MTH 256 [B] OR MTH 256H[B] AND ENVE 322[C])). OTHER PREREQS: Biology or microbiology; Python, Matlab or other programming experience; ArcGIS experience; or Consent of Instructor.

Course Objectives

Students will be able to accomplish the following upon completion of the course

  1. Identify the major microbial systems and underlying reactions associated with microbial processes in ecological systems;
  2. Model microbial kinetics and processes using Monod and more complex expressions for microbial function;
  3. Describe the elements of the major nutrient cycles in the environment (C, N, P, S);
  4. Develop and utilize differential equation models for ecological engineering applications;
  5. Understand professional engineering ethics and responsibility and use these to resolve ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest;
  6. Perform basic assays associated with analyzing microbial processes in the environment;
  7. Design and layout a remediation system for excess nutrient release into the environment;