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The EcoHydro Engineering Group focuses on understanding plant-water interaction and the biological mediation of hydrological processes. Lead by Dr. Stephen Good, we work at scales from leaves to continents, from the deep in the lab to way out in the field.  We use a variety of tools to move this work forward, including isotope tracers, remote sensing, detailed ecophysiology observations, and complete motoring of the vadose zone.

As a friend once stated, we're interested in "the drinking habits of plants." We want to know how, when, and why ecosystems use water in order to improve estimates of productivity in natural and agricultural systems, to mitigate the consequences of drought or other extreme climatic events, and predict the repercussion climate change on biomes worldwide.

Current Projects

Please check out the Projects that we are working on, the great  People moving this research forward, and the Publications that have resulted from our work. If you have any questions, please Contact Us!