During the pandemic, our office may not always be physically staffed. However, your administrative staff is here and ready to help you.  If you need assistance and would like to meet on Zoom, please contact one of the following team members*:


Director John Bolte, or you can reach him via email.

Undergraduate Head Advisor Rachel Jones (link to calendar)

Graduate Coordinator/Program Assistant (WRGP/BEE) Catherine Mullins, or you can reach her by email.

Office Manager Jen Cohen, or you can reach her by email.

IT Specialist Randy Thorp  (to schedule an appointment)

*Please note that if you do not see or hear from the person you need to communicate with after waiting 5 minutes, know that we probably are in a Zoom meeting or otherwise working with another.  You will want to email that person to schedule a meeting.  Contact information is listed on our Zoom profiles and can be found here