Brendan Buskirk

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Water Resources Engineering
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Beyond OSU
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hiking, fishing, swimming, camping, disc golf, rafting and automotive tinkering


I am a master’s student with Dr. John Selker studying heat transport in rivers and soils in semi-arid environments of Central/Eastern Oregon. From 2013 to 2015 I worked as a hydrologist for Dr. Judson Harvey at the USGS, first as an NAGT intern then as a contractor. While at the USGS we studied sediment transport, hyporheic exchange and nutrient transport in various ecosystems such as the urban streams of Virginia, wetlands of the Florida Everglades and coastal streams of Massachusetts. I received my bachelor’s degree in Geological Sciences from the University of Oregon in 2013. I also have an Associate’s Degree in Automotive Technology, a field in which I worked for 5 years. I have a great appreciation for the outdoors and the processes that have created the world we are able to enjoy today.