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Dominique Bachelet

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  • Science communication
  • Art and Science
  • Climate Change Impacts on Terrestrial systems
  • Century Farms Resilience
  • Prognostic Fire Modeling
  • Ecosystems Ecology

CURRENT RESEARCH: Climate Science Communication

- (1) Science has a lot to offer to improve land management and mitigate the worst impacts of climate change but information sharing has been challenging as the issue was politicized by the media. The need for non-political non-controversial transparent informative useful communication of climate change science findings is critical to develop effective adaptation and mitigation actions. Art can help reach out to the general public by addressing emotions to projections of a future that will provide opportunities as well as challenges.

- (2) Developing a climate change cookbook is an effective non threatening way to provide climate change information to the general public. Climate and land uses of the past have shaped the traditional recipes we inherited from our grandparents and we are using today. How resilient will they be to future changes? What changes might be needed to continue those culinary traditions? What is the current progress with substitutions and how far goes the creativity of chefs around the world?

- (3) Can simulation models such as DGVMs that include fire provide useful and useable information to practitioners? Actionable scales should be the focus of current modeling efforts. There is enough information on climate change to spur immediate action yet in some countries inertia prevents progress and preparation. How can models help increase the speed of human adaptation to change? How do we share this information?