The Biological & Ecological Engineering (BEE) Department is dedicated to incorporating biological and ecological principles in engineering design to promote the development of resilient, sustainable systems that integrate human activities into the natural environment to the benefit of both. This is a rapidly developing and important new area of engineering, and Oregon State is a leader in the field. Our program provides a unique and innovative approach to engineering sustainable systems that are environmentally friendly while addressing human needs for food, water, and energy.

The Biological & Ecological Engineering (BEE) Department resides in the College of Agricultural Sciences, and the academic programs are conducted in collaboration with the College of Engineering.

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Outstanding Diversity Advocate Award

BEE's Gerrad Jones was honored with the Outstanding Diversity Advocate Award on University Day. Dr. Jones continually advocates for the...

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Target and Suspect Screening Integrated with Machine Learning to Discover Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance Source Fingerprints

"This study elucidates per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) fingerprints for specific PFAS source types."

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Stable isotopes contain substantial additive information about terrestrial carbon and water cycling.

"Stable isotope ratios of H (δ2H), O (δ18O), and C (δ13C) are linked to key biogeochemical processes of the water and carbon cycles; however,...

Algae bloom spreads out of Ross Island Lagoon.

Portland's Fiercest Advocate for Swimming in the Willamette River is Declaring War on Algae

"Last week, as scorching temperatures sent Portlanders searching for a swimming hole, the Willamette River turned a shade of neon green usually...

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