Class Location: 
Corvallis Campus
Ecampus (Online)

Course Description

Examines strategies for using a variety of biological processes for treating municipal, agricultural and industrial contaminants. PREREQS: MTH 251 and professional school or graduate standing.

Course Objectives

  • Knowledge of Contemporary Issues.
    • Increase knowledge and understanding of contemporary bioremediation technologies
    • Conduct a lab project using contemporary bioremediation processes
  • Ability to Identify, Formulate & Solve Engineering Problems.
    • Demonstrate basic knowledge of terms and concepts
    • Use knowledge of biological processes to identify conditions and requirements for bioremediation of contaminants
  • Ability to Design System Component or Process to Meet Desired Needs.
    • Determine the basic design parameters (pressure, duration etc) for microbial-based remediation approaches
    • Determine the basic design parameters (size, type of plants) for phytoremediation