Winter 2022: BEE 507/607 Videos

Intros by Michal Tutka (BEE/WRE)

Olive agroforestry: What else can you grow/raise in the olive orchard to increase productivity and sustainability | Adolfo Rosati, Council for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economy Analysis (CERA), Italy.

with two 5-minute lightning talks from Grad Students Casey Steadman (WRS) and Kyle Proctor (WRE).

Intros by Ashton Cummings (BEE)

From Wastewater to Groundwater: Monitoring the Impacts of Wastewater Irrigation on Pharmaceuticals and PFAS at the Penn State Living Filter site | Heather Preisendanz, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Penn State University.

with two 5-minute lightning talks from Gerrad Jones, Biological & Ecological Engineering, and Trever Schwichtenberg, Department of Chemistry.


Intros by Daphne Guo (BEE)

The Life of Engineering Projects – from Cradle to Grave | Carson West, Herrera Inc.

with two 5-minute lightning talks from Grad Students Colton Avila (BEE) and Elsie Weisshaar, (WRE)

Intros by Nuha Alagaidi (WRE)

Managing cold water for stream ecosystems: from concepts to concrete actions | Ann Willis, Center for Watershed Sciences, UC Davis.

with two 5-minute lightning talks from Desiree Tullos, Biological & Ecological Engineering, Oregon State and Grad Student Aleah Hahn, Marine Resource Management.

Intros by Elsie Weisshaar (WRE)

Two discussions:

  1. How to communicate with policymakers | Lexi Shultz, Vice President of Science Policy & Government Relations, American Geophysical Union.
  2. Congress 101: How scientists can engage with policymakers | Caitlin Bergstrom, Digital Policy Engagement, American Geophysical Union.
Intros by Colton Avila (BEE)

Ecohydrology of urban watersheds: the role of vegetation in stormwater networks | Xue Feng, Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering, University of Minnesota.

with two 5-minute lightning talks from Grad students Daphne Guo (BEE) and Michal Tutka (BEE/WRE).

Intros by Cheng Shi (BEE)

How I make my research relevant? Engaging with Tribes and communities in climate adaptation | Chas Jones, Northwest Climate Adaption Science Center, University of Washington (; Also Mayor of the City of Philomath.

With two 5-minute lightning talks from Rajasree Bharathan Radhamma and Gurpreet Singh, both with BEE.

Intros by Michal Tutka (BEE/WRE)

The Role of Indigenous-led Activism and the Development of a New Global Water Ethic | Emma Norman, Native Environmental Science Program, Northwest Indian College

With 5-min lightning talks from Ashton Cummings, BEE, and Nuha Alagaidi, WRE.

Intros by Ashton Cummings (BEE)

Building analytical and computational bridges between knowns and unknowns in water quality toxicology | Manuel Garcia-Jaramillo, Environmental & Molecular Toxicology

With 5 min. lightning talks from Dawn Urycki (WRS) and Cheng Shi (BEE)


Intros by Daphne Guo

Oregon’s OpenET Project: Use of Satellite Technology to Estimate Consumptive Water Use from Irrigated Agriculture for the State of Oregon | Jordan Beamer, Hydrologist, Oregon Water Resources Department

With 5 min. lightning talks from Maria Zamora Re, (Biological & Ecological Engineering) and Cameron Clonch (Mechanical Engineering)