EcoE Frequently Asked Questions


Who is my advisor?

Ecological engineering has one Head Advisor, Khrystal Condon, who will handle all advising appointments, program petitions, graduation audits, class overrides, etc.


Is there a central resource for internships in the department?

Please check out our Careers and Internships webpage. In addition, Jennifer Cohen in the front office has an internship database. You are also strongly encouraged to talk the EcoE Head Advisor Khrystal Condon or any of the faculty in the department who have many contacts.


I want to study abroad, how do I start the process? What are my options?

Great! Talk with the international programs office (located in University Plaza) and visit the COE international programs webpage.  Options are limitless. The process for the Ecological Engineering program is to obtain syllabi and other materials for the overseas courses you wish considered and submit a petition to the Head Advisor for consideration by the Undergraduate Program Committee. Acceptance of overseas courses has accreditation ramifications for the Ecological Engineering BS program. Courses, if accepted, will be considered either exact equivalents or engineering electives for programmatic purposes.


How long will a study abroad extend my degree?

This depends on many factors.  The best thing to do is write up a full course plan with and without the overseas component and check how it will affect you.  It is a good subject for discussion with your advisor and the International Programs advisor.


What time is best for study abroad?

It really depends on several factors.  Summers and fall term of the sophomore year can be good options.


How do I petition to get an exception on MyDegrees?

Talk with Head Advisor Khrystal Condon. Check first, as some exceptions could be made without petition.


I am one credit short on my engineering electives, what are my options?

Take another course. Or take one credit of BEE 401 (research), BEE 410 (internship) or BEE 405 (reading and conference).


How many Upper Division (300 and 400-level) credits do I need?

60 or more upper division credits are needed.


How do I get into this great class if my pre-requisites are similar but not an exact match?

Talk to the Head Advisor and they can provide guidance on next steps.


What is the best way to schedule an advising appointment?

Scheduling of advising appointments will be done through an online scheduler, not via e-mail. For information on how to schedule an appointment, please visit the BEE advising webpage. Appointments are made on a first come, first served basis, so please plan and do not wait until your registration date to schedule an appointment.


I have a time conflict, how should I handle this?

Speak with your Head Advisor and they can provide further guidance based on your specific situation.


Can BEE 221 be used to satisfy the pre-requisite requirement for ENVE 421?

Yes, it currently is accepted as satisfying the pre-req requirement for ENVE 421.