How to enroll - Undergraduate


First year students

First Year students are identified as currently in high school or are high school graduates with fewer than 36 quarter/24 semester college credits; or GED holder.  Apply Online and fill out and submit the form or download a printable application, fill it out and mail it to the OSU Office of Admissions, as instructed on the form.

Transferring from another college or university

To transfer from another college or university, you will need to formally apply to OSU and be accepted.  This is controlled by the University's Office of Admissions, which has more information on transfer student admissions here. The COE and Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering do not place restrictions beyond the University's admission requirements on a transfer student's admission to the engineering program of their choice.

Once you are accepted, the registrar’s office will produce an Advanced Standing Report based on your submitted transcripts that details the articulation of your transfer credits. To see how your credits will transfer to OSU, visit this site for a list of all transferable courses OSU accepts from Oregon schools (CC, public or private college) or Hawaii community colleges. If you are attending a college outside of Oregon, use the single course search tool for a listing of each college course that OSU accepts from your school.

After your credits have transferred, you will then have to meet with the EcoE advisor to determine which of your completed courses will count towards the EcoE degree. For your convenience, we have assembled a spreadsheet that lists transfer credit equivalencies for courses that students generally take in their first two years in the Ecological Engineering program. If your college or university is not included in this spreadsheet, please let the EcoE advisor know.

Transferring from another major at OSU

Change of majors for pre-engineering and pro-school students can now be completed online by academic advisors and no longer require submission of a paper form to the Office of the Registrar. If you are considering changing your major to Ecological Engineering, please schedule an appointment with the EcoE advisor to discuss courses that you will need to take to complete the EcoE degree.