Winter 2021: BEE 507/607 Videos

7 January 2021

Trenton Franz | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Opportunities and challenges for incorporating hydrogeophysics in agricultural production

with two 5-minute lightning talks from Joe Ellingson & John Selker

14 January, 2021

Dominique Bachelet | Oregon State University

2020 Fire news: paradigm shift

with 5-min lightning talk from: Linnia Hawkins


21 January, 2021

Laurence Yang | Queen’s University, Canada

Multi-scale modeling of microbial stress response

with 5-min lightning talks from: Frank Chaplen & Fei Long


28 January, 2021

Alexander Levin | Oregon State University

Vineyard Irrigation Management Research in Southern Oregon

with 5-min lightning talks from: Derek Godwin & Abigail Tomasek


04 February, 2021

Samantha Hatfield | Oregon State University

Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK): Perspectives and Reciprocity

with 5-min lightning talks from: Chad Higgins & Kyle Proctor


11 February 2021

Salini Sasidharan | Oregon State University

Managed Aquifer Recharge for Sustainable Groundwater Management.

with 5-min lightning talks from:  Adam Ward & Catie Finkenbiner


18 February 2021

Emily Graham | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Temporal dynamics of microbial metabolic processes under hyporheic fluctuation

with 5-min lightning talks from:  Hong Liu & Luguang Wang


25 February 2021

Rafeal Tinoco | University of Illinois

A turbulent world: Identifying turbulence features hindering swimming capabilities of invasive fish species

with 5-min lightning talks from: Desiree Tullos and Nuha Alagaidi


11 March 2021

Alex Gonyaw | Kalamath Tribes

Ecological Alteration of the Upper Klamath Basin from the Klamath Tribes’ Perspective

with 5-min lightning talks from: Gerrad Jones & Anna Beran