Departmental Scholarships and Fellowships

Thanks to our generous donors, the department is able to recognize excellence in various student activities through a number of scholarships.  Scholarships are awarded at the department's annual Spring Social event.  Applicants need to be registered BEE students, Undergrads and Graduates can apply.  All applications due February 1st.  Click on each scholarship for further details.

Andrew & Merle Hashimoto Scholarship in Biological & Ecological Engineering

With the cost of higher education continually rising, Andrew Hashimoto and his wife Merle want to help students with financial need to be able to afford a college education by providing an endowed scholarship for students in BEE.


Edward S. Allen AG Engineering Student of 1941 Endowment Fund

As a student, Edward S. Allen greatly appreciated the concern that Professor Gilmore had for Agricultural Engineering students and Professor Gilmore’s offer to financially assist Mr. Allen directly.  He created this scholarship to help future students who couldn't otherwise afford college achieve their dreams.  Full time BEE students, Grads and Undergrads, can apply.

Drew Mahedy Scholarship for Civic Engagement in Engineering Fund

Honoring the legacy of Drew, a 2011 BEE graduate, who was committed to civil society and public service.  All Undergraduates enrolled in BEE's Ecological Engineering program can apply to this scholarship.

J. Ronald Miner Graduate Fellowship for Water and Environmental Stewardship

Ron Miner served as the head of the department from 1976 to 1986.  He served as an endlessly supportive coach and mentor to graduate services, who is well remembered for his charm, enthusiasm and love of teaching.  All BEE Graduate students or BEE Advised Graduate students can apply.

Dale Kirk Endowment

The Dale E. Kirk Endowment honors the legacy of Dale Kirk, an Agricultural Engineering professor at OSU for forty years. This award goes to outstanding full-time undergraduate student(s) in Ecological Engineering.

Irrigation King Scholarship

To encourage and recognize strong academic achievement and potential of a student in the Biological & Ecological Engineering Department specializing in some aspect of irrigation technology.   Recipients must have junior or above status, participate in School of Agriculture or Engineering clubs, and have a 3.0 GPA or higher for undergraduate or 3.5 GPA for graduate work.

Jefferson B. Rodgers Agricultural Engineering Scholarship

J.B. Rogers came to Oregon State University as head of the Department of Agricultural Engineering from 1946 to 1969. Under his leadership, J.B. Rodgers established the Agricultural Engineering curriculum and accreditation by the Engineers Council for Professional Development, becoming the sixth program to receive this recognition.  This award is presented to either a full-time BEE undergraduate or graduate advised in BEE and must have at least one academic year left at OSU.

Myron G. Cropsey Agricultural Engineering Scholarship

M.G. Cropsey joined the Department of Agricultural Engineering faculty in 1946 and served until retirement in 1974. Prior to coming to OSU, he had industrial experience with Union Diesel Company, Oakland, CA, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. During WWII, Myron Cropsey served as Lieutenant, Captain, Major and Lt. Colonel in the Ordinance Department of the U.S. Army.  Receipients of this award must be enrolled in BEE or advised in BEE as a full-time student and have at least one academic year left at OSU.

Ralph N. Lunde Memorial Award

Ralph N. Lunde was an honor student in Engineering and graduated from Oregon State University in 1926. He joined the faculty of the Department of Agricultural Engineering in 1930.  For 40 years, Lunde taught courses in Engines and Tractors, Automotive Mechanics, and Agricultural Machine Design. His ability to put background theory into clear perspective when applying it to a practical problem was appreciated by students from all parts of the campus. He enjoyed working with students and devoted countless hours to the Oregon Student Branch of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. 

John W. and Matha B. Wolfe Memorial Scholarship

This Fund was established to commemorate the life of John W. and Matha B. Wolfe. As a professor of agricultural engineering, John had an outstanding career with Oregon State University and received the American Society of Agricultural Engineers Pacific Northwest Region, Agricultural Engineer of the Year Award in 1971.