Head Advisor: Rachel Jones (email)
Gilmore 116 (main office)
Winter advising meetings: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-12:30pm
First-year Advising: First year Ecological Engineering students (high school graduates with less than 24 quarter/16 semester college credits) will meet with a COE First Year advisor during their first academic year at OSU. Please visit the First Year Advising webpage to find out more information.
Faculty Mentors: Faculty will now serve as student mentors and act as a resource for information about the profession, job and career guidance, and other aspects of your professional development. Check this list to find the name and contact information for your faculty mentor. Your faculty mentor is also listed as your advisor (even though your actual advisor is Rachel Jones) on MyDegrees.

Advising appointments

Students are required to meet with their academic advisor every term to discuss upcoming courses and receive their PIN. PINs can not be issued without an advising meeting sometime during that term. It is required by the College of Engineering that you fill out at least 3 future terms in your MyDegrees planner prior to having an advising session and receiving your PIN. For more infomartion on how to use your MyDegrees planner, please watch the tutorial provided by the Office of the Registrar. Also helpful is the tutorial on Scheduler

If you need to drop off a form and Rachel is not in the office, please put it in the mailbox on her door.

20-minute appointment Walk-in advising
- Registration and PIN
- Change of Major
- Transfer Advising
- Research/Job/Internships
- Pro-school or Graduation Audit
- No PIN distribution
- Quick questions
- Form drop off or sign
   - Override

Registration and course schedules



  • Pro-school courses for Pre-Engineering students:
    • Under special circumstances, pre-engineering students may take pro-engineering courses. Students may file a petition to take BEE 320 and BEE 311 during the fall term. Petitions will only be considered if:
      • the student meets all prerequisites for the courses,
      • the student has a calculated Pre-Core GPA at or above the previous cut-off for admission to the professional program for the previous admission term,
      • and if there is space available in BEE 311 and BEE 320 after enrollment of students who have completed their Pre-Engineering Core.




STUDENT Resources

For a list of resources (academic and other) available to Ecological Engineering students, please visit our Student Resources webpage.


Study Abroad

Engineering is an increasingly global profession. An international experience can provide you with necessary skills to work effectively with people from around the world and give you the opportunity to gain an international perspective of engineering. For more information on studying abroad, please visit the College of Engineering's International Programs page*If you participate in study abroad, please let us know and we will add your picture to our map on the 1st floor of Gilmore.


Internships and Job Opportunities

Please visit the BEE Careers and Internships webpage for information specific to ecological engineering.

For additional resources, visit the OSU Career Development Center.