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We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you find and utilize campus resources, make informed decisions about your coursework, stay on track in your degree, and ultimately achieve your academic and career goals. 

All Ecological Engineering students are welcome to schedule an appointment with Khrystal Condon, the Undergraduate Head Advisor.  All Ecological Engineering students are required to meet with the Undergraduate Head Advisor once per term (ideally before registration begins) for advising.  Students can use the link below to schedule virtual or in-person meetings. In-person appointments will be in Gilmore Hall 116.

Schedule an advising appointment with Khrystal Condon here.

Advisor information

Prospective students should contact EcoE's Head Advisor, with Khrystal Condon, with questions about the program. Current students will receive course planning and general advising assistance.  Appointment scheduling can be found here.

First-year Advising

First year Ecological Engineering students (high school graduates with less than 24 quarter/16 semester college credits) will meet with a COE First Year advisor during their first academic year at OSU. Please visit the First Year Advising webpage to find out more information.

College of Engineering Academic Progression Model

Effective as of Summer 2019, all COE students are required to maintain a 2.5 OSU GPA and earn 65% of the credits they attempt at OSU. Please visit this webpage for more information.

Degree Requirements

  • Advising guide (PDF) providing information on degree requirements as well as advising and registration procedures

  • Bubble chart (PDF) showing recommended 4 year course pathway for Ecological Engineering Student

Advising Forms

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