Edward S. Allen AG Engineering Student OF 1941 Endowment Fund

Ag Engineers on the way to a convention

About this Award

Edward S. Allen was born on December 20, 1919, on a farm near Hood River, Oregon. He attended Oregon State University from 1938 to 1941 and majored in Agricultural Engineering. He greatly appreciated the concern that Professor Gilmore had for the Agricultural Engineering Students, and for Professor Gilmore’s offer to financially assist Mr. Allen if he had financial problems. In March of 1941 Mr. Allen accepted a position with John Deere Plow Company in Portland, OR because it was financially necessary. Mr. Allen worked for John Deere until September of 1942 and then joined the John Deere Battalion as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army and participated in World War II. Mr. Allen returned to civilian life in June of 1946 as a Captain and went to work for CM & WO Sheppard Farm Supply. From June 1946 through December of 1948, he sold sprinkler irrigation supplies for R. M. Wade Manufacturing to Hood River farmers. On January 1, 1949, he joined Scott Aitken Orchards as Manager and worked there until the end of December, 1950. Mr. Allen joined Coulten Motor Company, the Ford-Mercury dealer in Hood River, OR, on January 1, 1951 and in January 1955, he and Mr. Leonard Hay purchased the dealership from Mr. Coulten and renamed it the Allen Hay Motor Company.  Later, they started E & L Auto Parts. Mr. Allen bought out Mr. Hay's shares in the motor company in October 1969 and Mr. Hay's bought Mr. Allen's shares in the Auto Parts store as both businesses were so successful, that they each needed a full-time manager.  Edward operated the business until December 31, 1983, when he sold the business and retired.

Eligibility requirements and selection

The recipient must be enrolled in the Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering as their academic major or be advised in BEE. The recipient must be enrolled as a full time student the term in which the award presentation is made.

About the department

The BEE department is dedicated to incorporating biological and ecological principles in engineering design to promote the development of resilient, sustainable systems that integrate human activities into the natural environment. This is a rapidly developing and important new area of engineering, and Oregon State is a leader in the field. Our undergraduate program in Ecological Engineering gives students an outstanding, ABET-accredited engineering education that provides a pathway for becoming a professionally licensed engineer. Graduates from our program have the skills necessary to excel in multi-disciplinary teams and on projects that require complex solutions, and have found employment with industrial clients, engineering consulting companies, governmental agencies, and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Edward S. Allen Endowment Recipients

  • 2021     Colleen Anthony​, Ryan Bernardino​, Erin Drumm​, Gina Kay​, & Abigail Marx 
  • 2020     Janine Busz​, Gina Kay​, Colton Shaw​, Stephanie Diegan, & Casey Steadman 
  • 2019    Nathan Barrios, William Burkhart, Janine Busz, Liam Christman, Derec Chumley, Katelin Godwin, Daniel Hofmann, Jordan Porter, Katie Sherer & Lindsey Spencer
  • 2018    Mora Camplair, Nicholas Dunstan, Miranda Nelson, Laurel Shepard, Olivia Smith & Mora Camplair2017 Mikayla Domingo, Taylor Vagher, Ningshengjie Gao, Samuel Swanson, Lauren Bomeisl & Hossein Tabatabaie
  • 2016     Allen Dysart, Micco Emerson, Lucas Evans, Travis Grohman, William Hohenschuh, Elizabeth Jachens & Stephanie Trujillo
  • 2015     Alexis Mills, Susan Elliott, Jim Blount, Brian Dougherty, Caitlin Pellerin, Tara Dunn & Julianne Robinson
  • 2014     Austin Hall, Allison Marshall, Brian Dougherty, Michael Link, Jacob Tabor, Cheng Li & Jordan Cameron
  • 2013     William Hohenschuh, Cheng Li, Edward Smith & Tessa Hanson
  • 2012     Adam Callahan, Kara DiFrancesco, Lisa Hall & Patrick Wingo
  • 2011     Mark Luterra, Jason Kelley, Keaton Lesnik, Shoutao Xu & Andy Burke
  • 2010     Nicole Czarnomski, Shoutao Xu, Jason Kelley, Kyle Krawl, Lisa Thompson, Jay Ubben
  • 2009     Kelly Kibler, Hilary Rogers, Ben Morelli & Chadi Sayde
  • 2008     Yudith Nieto & Kelly Kibler
  • 2007     David Dickson, Charles Hillyer, Sarah Marshall & Aristides Petrides
  • 2006     Suva Shakya
  • 2006     Peggy Hill
  • 2006     Laura Moscowitz
  • 2006     Laila Parker
  • 2005     Ian Besaw & John Pennington
  • 2003     Ariana Henning