Degree: BS Ecological Engineering

Graduation Year: 2012

Current Occupation:

Water Resources Engineer at RK&K: Planning and design of various stream restoration projects throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania.

How did OSU prepare you for your job?:

The classes offered through the EcoE program prepared me perfectly for my current position where I focus on stream restoration design. I learned all of the core engineering concepts but also had the opportunity to take many biology, restoration, ecology, and hydrology courses that have been immensely helpful in what I do now. The EcoE program is way ahead of other water resources engineering programs across the nation when it comes to focusing on restoration and this allowed me to start my engineering career with a very small learning curve.

Favorite Memory from OSU:

Aaron Maxwell with his back to the camera walking in the grass along the river edge


Any class that had field days always provided great memories. The Limnology course from Stan Gregory in particular was such a great class.


Advice to current students:

Get involved with the student groups in the program (I wish I had) and be sure to take a CADD class at some point. I managed to graduate having never touch CAD and it's something I now use daily.


July 2012: Received EIT Certification

August 2012-March 2014: Worked for the North Fork John Day Watershed Council ( as a Project Coordinator.

June 2014: Moved to Pennsylvania to start engineering career at RK&K.

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