Course Description

Development of mathematical models of biological and ecological systems; linear and nonlinear systems analysis; stochastic modeling and random processes; model solution and analysis techniques.

Course Objectives

Develop skills in the formulation of deterministic and statistical models describing biotic and abiotic relationships. Develop an understanding of systems approaches to describing biological systems. Develop an understanding of the analysis tools necessary to accurately simulate biological systems. This course is a foundation course in simulation modeling that provides a broad survey of applicable methodologies for modeling a broad range of biotic and abiotic relationships.

Specific learning objectives include:

  • Formulate deterministic and stochastic models describing biotic and abiotic relationships
  • Apply a systems approach to conceptualizing biological and abiotic systems
  • Translate systems conceptualizations into a mathematical description of the systems
  • Apply procedures for solving the resulting mathematical systems
  • Analyze the resulting system response
  • Apply methods for model calibration, validation and evaluation
  • Work in a team context to design, implement and evaluate a model in a group setting.