Faculty Standards of Conduct

Course and Class Preparation and Classroom Conduct

As a BEE faculty member, I will

  • Remain current in my field and in the general scientific environment.
  • Stay up-to-date with learning theory and pedagogy, applying appropriate innovations.
  • Present course material in an organized, coherent manner.
  • Be on time for classes.
  • Avoid canceling classes unnecessarily.
  • Cover material relevant to the course.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor in the classroom.
  • Encourage appropriate discussion and questions from students.
  • Respect the opinions and responses of students.
  • Encourage feedback and, when appropriate, make changes based on it.

Assignments, Exams, and Course Grades

As a BEE faculty member, I will

  • Develop meaningful assignments that contribute to student mastery of course
    and program competencies.
  • Make expectations and criteria for assessment clear to students.
  • Write exams that fairly reflect the course content and coverage.
  • Use due care and thought in grading all assignments and exams.
  • Provide appropriate and timely feedback for all assignments and exams. (Due to the
    number of students in a course and the nature of the activity, the time frame for
    returning graded material will vary. The faculty member should inform students of
    the expected return date.)
  • Communicate clearly the factors that will go into the calculation of the final grade.
  • Provide students with a reasonable opportunity to discuss assignments and grades without reprisal.
  • Assign final grades with care and fairness.
  • Set and enforce standards for academic integrity so students who behave with honesty are not disadvantaged.

Professional Values and Integrity

As a BEE faculty member, I will

  • Conduct myself ethically, honestly, and with integrity in all situations.
  • Treat students, fellow faculty, staff, and administrators fairly and impartially.
  • Make every effort to prevent discrimination and harassment.
  • Behave and speak professionally, respectfully, and courteously at all times.
  • Report any conflict of interest in conducting my job to the appropriate authority.
  • Carefully and completely cite the contributions of others in my scholarly writing.
  • Accurately and honestly represent all reported findings in my scholarly writing.
  • Exercise fair and objective evaluation of all administrators, faculty, staff, and students.
  • Safeguard any confidential information.
  • Be accessible and maintain adequate office hours.
  • Keep appointments and be punctual in all professional settings.
  • Use the department's property, facilities, supplies, and other resources in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • Support student organizations and encourage student involvement.