Jerry L. Christensen

Degree: BS Agricultural Engineering

Graduation Year: 1975

Current Occupation:

Retired.  I worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers from 1976 till I retired in 2011.  I retired as the Deputy Chief, Engineering and Construction Division of Portland District.  I was also the Levee Safety Program Manager and the Alternate Dam Safety Officer at the time of retirement.

How did OSU prepare you for your job?:

My emphasis when I was at OSU was on Soils and Water.  The courses worked well for me as I transitioned into the professional work force of the US Army Corps of Engineers.


1975 - 1981 : Agricultural Engineer, Soils Engineering Section, Foundation and Materials Branch

1981 - 1990 : Civil Engineer, Soils Engineering Section, Geotechnical Engineering Branch

1991 - 2006 : Supervisory Civil Engineer and Chief, Geotechnical, Civil and Environmental Design Section, Design Branch

2006 - 2008: Acting Chief, Design Branch

2008 - 2011: Deputy Chief, Engineering and Construction Division My Great Jobs:

1980 - 1983 : Lead Designer/Engineer for numerous Emergency Actions for Sediment Control following the Eruption of Mount St. Helens

1986 - 1989 : Lead Designer and Embankment Engineer for the Toutle River Sediment Control Structure

1992 - 1994 : Lead Technical Person for Mt. Pinatubo Eruption Recovery Actions, Philippines

1996 - 1999 : Lead Technical Person for Hurricane Mitch Recovery Actions Plan, El Salvador

2001 - 2002 : Recalled to Active Duty as Engineer Plans Officer, LTC, CINCPAC

2004 - Deputy District Engineer for Support, Gulf North District, Iraq Late 2005: Debris Cleanup Manager for Mississippi Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina Spring 2008: Debris Advisory Specialist to US Task Force supporting cleanup in Port De prince, Haiti following the Haiti Earthquake I have many service awards from my time with the Corps of Engineers Advice to Current Students: Enjoy your time at Oregon State.  Remember, the basics of engineering can carry you into work you had never thought of while your were at Oregon State.  I thought I wanted to design irrigation systems and drainage systems for farms, but look where I ended up.

Favorite Memory from OSU:

Small classes and great professor/student and student/student interactions.