Shelby (Willis) Gilmartin

Degree: BS Ecological Engineering

Graduation Year: 2014

Current Occupation:

Junior Civil Engineer for the City of San Diego in the Long-Range Planning & Water Resources Division of the Public Utilities Department.

How did OSU prepare you for your job?:

I use a lot an data analysis and technical writing for my position. Additionally, the course that I took in water resources, river engineering, technical lab courses, and courses relating to climate change built a background knowledge base that I use daily.

Favorite Memory from OSU:

I had a lot of fun just spending time with my roommates (we live all around the country now). When I switched my major to Ecological Engineering and just felt everything click, and I was finally passionate about the courses I was taking and could see how the information applied to life. I also really enjoyed working in the BPP Lab on campus. Most importantly, I met my husband freshman year in the dorms, dated all through college, and have been together ever since (including through some deployments now). It is amazing that we get to share the same memories of college.

Advice to current students:

Enjoy your time at OSU, it seems difficult while you are in the thick of the classes, but after you leave you will appreciate what an amazing experience it is. And learn that it is okay to fail - physics really taught me that one. 

College is one of the few places in your life where you get a fresh start each term to try again.

Also, stay patient with the job search. It is frustrating, and you will probably have to work some positions that aren't ideal until someone is willing to take a chance on you and give you the interview.

Milestones and Updates:

Moved to San Diego in March of 2015

Married Derek Gilmartin in September of 2015 (he is also an OSU Alumni with a BS in Nuclear Engineering). Was hired by the City of San Diego in May of 2016. Hired my first intern in July of 2016