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Dominique Bachelet
Associate Professor (Sr Res)
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  • Science communication
  • Art and Science
  • Climate Change Impacts on Terrestrial systems
  • Century Farms Resilience
  • Prognostic Fire Modeling
  • Ecosystems Ecology
John Bolte
Department Head
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Mathematical modeling and simulation coupled human/natural systems, with applications scenario analysis, agricultural systems, water supply and water use, community wildfire planning, climate adaptation, costal processes, influence network analysis and community resilience.

Frank Chaplen
Associate Professor
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  • Biological Engineering
  • Metabolic Engineering
  • Soil Nitrification Processes
Jennifer Cohen
Office Manager
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Derek Godwin
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Community engagement to solve complex water and watershed concerns, assessment of land management impacts on riparian, surface water and shallow groundwater quality, and implementation of restoration practices using a social, economic and ecological systems approach.

Stephen Good
Associate Professor
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Ecohydrology, remote sensing, isotope biogeochemistry, hydrologic tracers, biogeography, and biodiversity.

Major Research Projects: 

2021-2024: “Coupling ecosystem structure to habitat microclimate through GEDI derived canopy water storage estimates,”...

Chad Higgins
Associate Professor
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  • Environmental Fluid Mechanics with special interest in applications to atmospheric flows and hydrology
  • Measurement and modeling of fluxes through the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum
  • Optimum water management in agriculture
  • Spatial...
Rachel Jones
Academic Advisor
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Gerrad Jones
Assistant Professor
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  • Environmental chemistry
  • Water quality
  • Geochemical cycling
  • Statistical and machine learning modeling
  • Geo/spatial analyses
Hong Liu
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  • Sustainable bioenergy production
  • Environmental biotechnology
  • Waste and wastewater treatment
  • Microbial fuel cell technology
  • Biohydrogen production
    Catherine Mullins
    Administrative Program Assistant
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    Ganti Murthy
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    • Cellulosic and algal biofuels and bioproducts.
    • Control of dynamic systems.
    • Systems analysis process modeling and simulation.
    • Processing of biobased feedstocks into fuels and chemicals
      Salini Sasidharan
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      John Selker
      University Distinguished Professor
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      • Hydrologic Instrumentation; Vadose Zone Hydrology; Groundwater Hydrology; Stochastic Hydrology; and Contaminant Transport.
      Gurpreet Singh
      Faculty Research Assistant
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      Instrumentation and Testing manager for the OPEnS Lab

      • Electronic Equipment Design for Environmental Sensing
      • 3-D Printing
      Randy Thorp
      Oper Systems-Network Analyst
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      Desiree Tullos
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      • Ecohydraulics
      • River engineering and restoration
      • Systems analysis in water resources management
      • Hydrodynamic modeling
      • Sustainable flood management
      • Sediment management in reservoirs
      • Control of Harmful Algal...
      Chet Udell
      Assistant Professor (Sr Res)
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      • Wireless sensor technology and data protocols
      • Swarm sensing
      • Music Composition and Electrical Engineering
      Kellie Vache
      Assistant Professor (Sr Res)
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      • Watershed hydrology and modeling
      • Implications of evolving land use patterns and climate change
      • Alternative futures analyses for land use planning and sustainability
      • Geographic Information Systems and simulation of environmental processes
      Cara Walter
      Senior Faculty Research Assistant I
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      • Distributed temperature sensing using fiber optics
      • Environmental sensing
      • Surface water hydrology
      • GIS
      Maria Zamora Re
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      Best management practices (BMPs) and precision agriculture (e.g. use of soil moisture sensors and real-time data) for irrigation scheduling in agriculture production.