Course Description

Principles of sediment erosion, transportation and deposition in rivers, reservoirs, and estuaries; measurement, analysis, and computational techniques.  Offered alternate years.  Recommended Prerequisite:  CE 313

Course Objectives

The student, upon completion of this course, should be able to:

  • Compute bed-load, suspended load and total load transport
  • Quantify incipient motion, resistance to flow and relation to bed-fords
  • Calculate potential reservoir sedimentation
  • Prescribe program for measuring sediment distribution

Introduction to the major sediment related issues relative to stream habitat, channel evolution and stability, reservoir sedimentation, channel maintenance operations.  Discussion of the underlying physical concepts of incipient motion, resistance to flow and bed-fords.  Computational methods for bed-load, suspended load and total load transport.  Application and evaluation of sediment transport functions and models.  Techniques for measuring sediment distribution.


  • Incipient motion
  • Resistance to flow
  • Bed forms
  • Bed-load computation
  • Suspended load computation
  • Total load transport
  • Sediment transport models
  • Sediment measuring techniques